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Good for the land, the vines, the grapes, the wine
Good for you

     We view ourselves and our role here not as only farmers, but as stewards of this land. As such, we believe it is our duty to maintain the health, integrity, and vitality of not just the soil, but our unique little ecosystem. The Native American "Wappo" tribe lived, hunted, and farmed these lands for centuries before us, all without the use of high-tech machinery or pesticide sprays. Like those who came before us, our approach is as minimalist as possible; we do it for ourselves, our children, future generations, the environment, and for you.

     We farm our land using only 100% organically certified products which not only protects the valuable soils, but the beneficial bugs as well. Protecting and encouraging beneficial bugs reduces the pressure from harmful bugs. Our annual application of organic compost continues to improve soil health, and healthy soils greatly benefit the vines and grapes. Our focus is on the vineyard and surrounding forestland, employing socially and environmentally responsible techniques to care for this special place.

     Strategically placed bluebird boxes have increased our bluebird population considerably, with insects being their favorite food. By establishing insectary rows in the vineyard and beneficial habitat around the vineyard, we help to increase these important and helpful populations within our ecosystem; we help them, and they help us. We also minimize soil disruption by cover-cropping the vineyard and mowing to utilize the decomposing plant material to further enhance the soils.

Here's to the health of our environment and the purity of our wines.
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