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Frequently Asked Questions

1)  I just placed an order online but will be away from the "Ship To" address for the next few days.  Can you please wait to ship my wine in about a week?

Our online ordering system is seamless and completely automated.  To ensure you get your wine as soon as possible, each order is sent directly to our shipping partner right after you place it.  If you know you are going to be unavailable to sign for your wine around the approximate delivery date, we kindly ask that you place your order for a time you know someone will be around.

2)  Do you have any other wines/older vintages available?

Cabernet and Zinfandel is what we do.  When available, the current vintage Zin is always for sale on our Order Wine page.  The cabernet is only available to those in the allocation group.  E-mail Brian for availability.  We occasionally make older vintages available but always announce when that happens.

3)  I am in the final stages of checkout with my wine order but I can only select "Pick Up" as my shipping option.  How do I select UPS or FedEx as I can't come to the winery for Pick Up?

Your only option for shipping is Pick Up because our system recognizes your state as one we cannot legally ship to.  Simply choose Pick Up as your shipping preference and we will contact you directly to make other delivery arrangements (such as Stagecoach Express, a third party shipper).

4)  I don't live in California but I was charged sales tax - why?

Many new state laws mandate that we charge sales tax on out of state orders.  Fair?  Not necessarily, but it is a small price to pay to have wine shipped directly to you as there are several states that still make it illegal.  Some of these states that enforce the collection of sales tax inlcude, but are not limited to, TX, FL, OH, and IL.

5)  You have the best wine ever!

That's not a question, but thanks!

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