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Meet Heidi Barrett

Heidi Peterson Barrett

Heidi Barrett is truly a well-recognized and highly respected master of her art. She joined the Lamborn Family Wine Company team in 1996, bringing her individualized expertise to the family's 4 acre Zinfandel and 4 acre Cabernet vineyards while adding a varietal dimension to her wine repertoire.

As it is with many of the world's finest treasures, "balance" is the essence of their greatness. Heidi's winemaking approach follows this very philosophy. "I prefer to utilize a combination of traditional and modern techniques in my winemaking. One of my goals is to maximize the unique characteristics of each estate vineyard, guiding the wine to achieve its highest potential while always focusing on quality and balance."

Dark, ripe fruit flavors of cherry and raspberry are just a couple of the indigenous qualities of the Lamborn Vineyards that Heidi captures in each bottle. However, the most commonly found varietal characteristics, very much native to these vineyards, is the pepper and spice. Zinfandel fans will enjoy this in each vintage of these elegant wines hand-crafted by Heidi Barrett.

A Stellar Resume
In addition to Lamborn Family and her own projects, La Sirena and Amuse Bouche, Heidi is also currently making wine for such wineries as Paradigm, Au Sommet, Fantesca, and Kenzo Estate. Past clients include Screaming Eagle, Dalla Valle, Grace Family, Vineyard 29, Hartwell, Oakford Vineyards, and Barbour.

Heidi's Educational Background
In 1980 she received her degree in enology from the University of California at Davis. While attending Davis, Heidi assisted Dr. Ann Noble, known for her development of the aroma wheel. Winemaking internships in Germany and Australia added further to an already strong experience base.

Heidi Barrett

"I have always loved zinfandel and am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the grapes from the Lamborn's beautiful mountainside vineyard."

- Heidi Barrett

"In the realm of the Napa cult wine, Heidi Barrett is the reigning queen... Barrett makes gorgeous wines; supple, elegant, generous in flavor and nearly perfect in their composure."   

- Wine & Spirits Magazine

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